A Connection that Stays while You're On the Go

Published On 13 Jul 2021

One of the most popular uses of an outdoor antenna is for RVs; whether it be for working remotely, a camping trip, or journeying on the road. Most RV users cannot rely on cabled internet and, as a result, require devices to meet their mobile needs. Promoted for mobile connectivity, the following is an example of how Peplink’s Puma antenna meets the requirements of RV users.

An American couple lives in and works out of their RV full-time on the road, moving every few weeks. With their daily activities taking place in their vehicle, they needed a reliable and simple solution to set up.

The Original and New Setup Featuring the Puma 421 Antenna

Their original set-up involved using multiple Wi-Fi boosters and hotspots, with an antenna installed on the vehicle’s roof. Despite using this framework for some time, the couple found this connectivity solution inefficient. It took time to set up the internet connection at each new location and did not have any built-in redundancies when one connection failed.

To solve these, they tried Peplink’s solution, which included deploying a MAX Transit Duo along with a Puma 421 Antenna. With the MAX Transit Duo’s Hot Failover, open sessions will seamlessly switch networks when the primary SIM fails. Bandwidth Bonding technology then combines the network bandwidths of two cellular modems and two redundant SIM slots, for greater speeds.

A MAX Transit Duo and Puma 221 Antenna are installed in an RV to provide Internet connection

Additionally, the Puma 421 Antenna has high gain and is smaller than its competitors. Its versatile installation feature then completes the arrangement. With this solution, the couple is able to stay connected whenever on the move and wherever the road takes them.

Peplink’s MAX Transit Duo along with the Puma 421 brought unbreakable connectivity to this couple’s mobile home. The Puma antenna series introduces a line of antennas that cater to many different needs, all easy to set up and connect, just like on an RV.

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