Peplink: Prepare and mobilize your offices anywhere

Published On 18 Sep 2020


Vicente Herrera | Product Manager Peplink

Vicente Herrera, Product Manager of Peplink in Acanto | Teknos , comments “Considering the current situation in the country, it is essential to be prepared when there is uncertainty about the protection of infrastructure and the service of network providers.” The executive comments.

In this sense, we invite you to read these five critical points that will help you identify if you are prepared for a contingency in your network:

  1. Identify if the current communications platform has redundancy or backups in the event that the main link provider interrupts its services. Today we have that guarantee?
  1. Explore if the main and backup link depends on being delivered by physical means (fiber optic or copper cable). This situation does not guarantee 100% route diversity, which in a disaster scenario could affect both links.
  1. Quantify what the economic loss would be for not having a network alternative to continue operating. How much would it affect me in money and reputation?
  1. Reveal if the company has the resources to incorporate a different backup solution to ensure diversity from the primary link. With a powerful Wireless SD WAN solution you can use various 4G mobile networks to accomplish this.
  1. Reflect on whether I have the right providers to help you have managed services 24/7, capable of operating in critical scenarios.

Peplink’s devices and technology allow you to integrate multiple providers, so in the event that a link fails, there will be another backup, live, which ensures a neat continuity in data traffic.

The times to build the network infrastructure of a new branch, office or store, do not talk with the times of the business plan. With  Peplink you can start your project tomorrow , as you only need two devices, one at the point you want to connect and the other at your headquarters.

Even if you need to enable a mobile workstation, Peplink is also your solution, being able to connect to any voltage source.

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