Peplink SDWAN is tested to be continuously improving

Published On 21 Sep 2020


SDWAN is awesome, Inbound and Outbound Load Balancing is awesome, and for 99% of SMBs that is great. As an enterprise SDWAN Architect I need to plan for the 1% that need more. About a year ago, I started working with Peplink on BGP SDWAN. Every firmware this gets better, like BFD support, but I thought I’d share the status. Peplink BGP SDWAN is different than standard BGP because we use Peplink’s traffic shaping policies to manage the flow. That means you get the benefits of BGP IP reliability and the glory of Peplink’s SDWAN all in one edge device. About 2 weeks ago there was an area wide outage of one of my ISPs, none of systems even noticed because BGP advertises my public IPs across all my ISPs.

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