Peplink’s Puma Antenna Series Docked with 5G

Published On 19 Jul 2021

Other than for RVs, Peplink’s Puma antenna series is also deployable outdoors to marine vehicles. Their IP68 enclosure is a perfect choice for harsh weather conditions commonly present in marine applications. The high efficiency of these omnidirectional antennas have a 360° radiation pattern which won’t require any antenna alignment. This makes them easy to install and deploy.

In this case study, we put the Puma antenna series to the test when a user seeks a strong and reliable connectivity solution for his docked yacht.

Internet connectivity in deep water

An internet user based in America lives in and works out of his yacht docked at the marina. Initially, he and his wife tried to rely on the Wi-Fi present in the marina. As the Wi-Fi was around 50 feet away, the connectivity was unstable.

As a result, they tried to use their phones’ 4G and 5G signals. Their cellular provider is T-Mobile, but the area has limited cellular reach. To solve this problem, they turned to a solution provider for a connectivity setup. However, it resulted in using an old and unreliable device that brought slow internet speeds.

Peplink’s Puma antenna series heading out to sea

The solution consisted of three Peplink devices: the Puma 421 Antenna, the MAX Transit 5G, and the AP One AX. The MAX Transit 5G router is installed onto the yacht, while the AP One AX is deployed to the cabin. The Puma 421 Antenna completes this setup, installed on the flybridge.

The MAX Transit Duo is installed onto the yacht, with the AP One AX in the cabin. The Puma 421 Antenna is mounted onto the flybridge for extended network connection.

To address the weak signals from their yacht, the Puma 421 Antenna is capable of connecting to 4G and 5G networks, as well as the marina Wi-Fi. This antenna also now supports Band 71, widening the network coverage.

With 4 cellular antennas, 2 Wi-Fi and an active GPS receiver, the Puma 421 provides ultrawide bandwidth within a single antenna housing. Because of its robust exterior and versatile installation feature, this all-in-one antenna is sturdy and can be easily installed.

In addition, the MAX Transit 5G produces fast internet speed. This device, now T-Mobile certified, supports their current cellular provider’s SIMs. With T-Mobile’s nationwide spectrum Band 71, broadcast signals perform better in fixed locations, and travel further in remote areas. This puts them on par with their American competitors. As this router supports CAT-20 4G, it is able to switch between 4G and 5G.

Band 71 allows users connect to a wider network coverage range.

Additionally, an AP One AX was suggested to be installed in the yacht’s cabin to build up the network onboard.

Thanks to Peplink and their partner, this internet user and his wife can enjoy reliable connectivity on their boat by simultaneously using marina Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Peplink’s Puma antenna series and other products bring unbreakable internet connectivity even beyond dry land. 

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