Published On 16 Sep 2020

Source: https://www.wifisafe.com/blog/punto-de-acceso-wifi-para-flotas-de-autocares-y-autobuses/

The PL MAX-BR1-LTE-ET from Peplink is a sophisticated and efficient Ap, WiFi access point for coach and bus fleets.

The Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE is an access point with 4G / LTE output up to 100Mbps.

A sophisticated router and access point that apart from providing WiFi coverage with a 4G LTE connection, includes a HotSpot and captive WiFi portal for clients to authenticate following the company’s guidelines.

The Ap, WiFi Access Point for coach and bus fleets PL MAX-BR1-LTE-ET from Peplink , provides 4G / LTE and WiFi broadband communications, with redundancy options, aggregation and advanced network security mechanisms.

Benefits of having a WiFi router in coach and bus fleets

Today, coach and bus fleets face different challenges and challenges. Providing a quality WiFi service allows them to envision a solution and improvement in the general service they provide to their customers.

  • Installing the Ap PL MAX-BR1-LTE-ET of Peplink allows to control the bus lines, including the WiFi of the users.
  • The WiFi access point for coach and bus fleets provides passengers with the possibility of feeling safer and more comfortable knowing that buses have a fleet tracking system via GPS and InControl 2 managed through the cloud, which allows control of the Location.
  • Peplink PL MAX-BR1-LTE-ET can manage large numbers of mobile devices through a converged communications infrastructure.
  • A WiFi router with HotSpot and a WiFi captive portal can expand the services by adding WiFi marketing , ticketing services, among others.
  • The comfort of the passengers will increase percentages at large scales.
  • Drivers will feel safer by increased safety at their workplace.
  • The improvement of a comprehensive service will increase the number of passengers on coaches and buses.

WifiSafe Engineers and Peplink Certified Partner’s

WifiSafe has years of experience in offering the best WiFi solutions and robust wireless services to find the ideal solution for each project and company.

The role of WifiSafe as a distribution company and supplier of Peplink equipment to public and private transport operators throughout the Spanish territory has been key to being protagonists in the implementation of appropriate solutions in companies in the most important metropolitan areas.

As Peplink Certified Engineers and Partner’s, you can find the complete catalog of equipment, solutions and WiFi access point for coach and bus fleets in Spain.

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