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Robust connection at sea

Published On 15 January 21

Source: Challenge – Data connection on board a ship. Most vessels using modern technology can benefit from an Internet connection. Not least, we humans have become accustomed to the security, convenience and joy of having access to well-functioning data communications […]

The new Firmware 8.1.1 is publicly available NOW!

Published On

This firmware is publicly available now. Play around with it and let us know what you think! …


Published On 14 January 21

Everybody who needs to deploy Peplink devices frequently in different locations a storage and transport case could be very helpfull.
We designed cases for some Peplink models.

[Video] Work from Home Solution

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With Peplink, working from home no longer has to be a struggle. By utilizing our state of the art SpeedFusion Cloud technology with your Peplink device, various benefits can be unlocked, providing nothing but benefits. Watch the video to learn more…

[Video] Input & Output Functionality

Published On 12 January 21

Input/Output functionality increases Out-of-Band-Management capabilities by allowing non-IP devices to communicate to the device. This allows for simple sensors and simple events to trigger actions such as turning on alarms or lights. Watch this video to learn more about the I/O functionality currently available.

SpeedFusion Newsletter Highlights | December

Published On 07 January 21

Source: Achieve more with 5G connectivity now. Find out more >>> Here What’s New [Video] Pepwave Transit Duo Set Up and Install by Mobile Must Have(Watch now) [Video] Pepwave Puma Antenna by Mobile Internet Resources Center (Watch now)  [Video] Configuring a SpeedFusion VPN by Frontier Computer Corp. (Watch now) […]

[Video] Router and IC2 Remote CLI

Published On 06 January 21

Our routers have a built-in CLI for secure, remote management. This video demonstrates where to find our CLI resources, how to set up your devices to enable CLI, and how to connect to your devices using the CLI.

[Video] IC2 Remote Serial Console

Published On 05 January 21

With InControl, you can configure devices to deny all inbound traffic and still be able to remotely manage them. Watch this video to see how to increase security for your devices and still manage them remotely.

[Video] UART Serial Console

Published On 31 December 20

UART is just one option for OOBM that Peplink devices have. To get started using UART, watch this live step-by-step demonstration on how to set up UART on Peplink devices. ….

5G with Peplink | Part 6 | FlexModule (5G)

Published On 28 December 20

Peplink’s 5G ready products

Thanks to the long lead up to 5G, Peplink has had plenty of time to prepare 5G ready products for the market. Here are some of the products that can be purchased right now.