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[Video] Data Usage

Published On 22 Oct 2020

Watch this live demo to see some of the ways that you can track data usage across your network. You can view it in real-time, by hourly, daily, or monthly graphs, or even by individual users. …

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[Video] AP Controller

Published On 20 Oct 2020

Watch this video to learn how to easily connect, and remotely control any APs that you might have connected to your network…

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[Video] Applying a speed limit to a user group

Published On 16 Oct 2020

Watch this video on how to apply speed limits to both downloads and uploads to prevent a single user from using up your entire bandwidth. …

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[Video] Peplink SDX Pro | Modular SD-WAN Router with Edge Computing Capability

Published On 14 Oct 2020

Introducing our future proof router, the SDX Pro. Flexible enough for nearly any deployment, powerful enough for most operations. …

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[Video] Outbound & Firewall rules

Published On 08 Oct 2020

Regardless of whether you are a parent or a CEO, it is important to protect your networks and control accessible content. Watch this live demo on how to create outbound and firewall rules to keep your networks and users safe. …

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SpeedFusion Newsletter Highlights

Published On 05 Oct 2020

We’ve got plenty of interesting use cases that demonstrate the versatility and ability of our devices. Whether it is from maritime to aerospace, or large conventions to remote camping, you can find Peplink products being used to provide unbreakable connectivity, anytime, anywhere. We have highlighted a few of these cases in our newsletter for you. …

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[Video] SSID Setting

Published On 30 Sep 2020

SSIDs are useful for reserving bandwidth for your staff or crew by keeping guests off of priority networks. Watch this live demo to learn how to create new SSIDs and connect them to your desired VLANs. …

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[Video] VLAN setting

Published On 25 Sep 2020

Watch this live demo to learn how to create VLANs using Peplink technology that are suitable for maritime vessels and their crew. This video also includes tips and tricks to making setup and management of VLAN and other connectivity related […]

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Pepwave UBR series is good for live streaming bonding event

Published On 22 Sep 2020

Pepwave UBR. Another Live Streaming Bonding event.
Supports compensatory work of missing data during sending 3 G, 4 G and 5 G at Router. The marketplace is not able to do. …

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CAT-18 LTE: Best Signal, Blazing Fast, Available Now!

Published On 06 Jul 2020

Want the best reception and fastest cellular we have? Want it now? Then CAT 18 routers are just the thing you need. …

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