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Around The World in 80 ms

Published On 06 April 21

Peplink lowered the price for the WiFi6 Accesspoint AP ONE AX. Our customer Remote Show Productions uses a 2 of them to connect a lot of iPads to the remote audience.

Peplink Balance 310 5G – The Hybrid Cellular WAN Router

Published On 29 March 21

Further introduction to the new Peplink Balance 310 5G router. This enterprise branch router uses 1 embedded LTE Cat 12 modem along with 1 embedded 5G/ Cat 20 LTE modem. It’s SpeedFusion ready and feature rich so it can fit in easily at any business.

Setting up Company Connectivity with Peplink SDX Pro & HD1 Dome

Published On 22 March 21

11AM I’m at the doctor getting my finger looked at and get a call that a private jet company is has no internet.
1130 I’m in my car with tools, 2 SDX Pros, 5 HD1 Domes, and Timothy Swazey
7 PM cables run from roof to server room, mounting HD1 Domes, getting ready to light this company back up.

Peplink Cellular Failover: 3 Key Benefits

Published On 16 March 21

When you can’t compromise on connectivity, failover keeps you connected. Learn three key benefits of Peplink’s SpeedFusion-powered cellular failover technology

[Peplink for RV] Q&A (part 2)

Published On 08 March 21

Part 2 of this Q&A, we answer more questions about SpeedFusion and other VPNs, MAX Transit Duo and MAX Transit Mini, BR1 Mini, satellite connections, and much more.

How to Choose an LTE Router for Your Boat

Published On 05 March 21

This article focuses on seven of the most popular Peplink solutions I feel are appropriate for boaters and provides some guidance on how to decide which solution is right for you.

[Peplink for RV] Q&A (part 1)

Published On 03 March 21

Part 1 of this Q&A, we answer a large variety of questions from setups for RVs, to SpeedFusion and other VPNs, to Verizon certifications, and also products such as the MAX Transit Duo.

Peplink Glossary | L4

Published On 22 February 21

Hot Failover:

Hot Failover is one of Peplink’s proprietary technology that seamlessly switches to a backup connection when the main connection fails. This is done in a way that the switch is unnoticeable even in the middle of a video conference call.

SpeedFusion Contest 2021

Published On

The Peplink SpeedFusion Contest 2021 is now accepting submissions. Send us photos or videos of your best deployments for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

[Peplink for RV] Feature 4 – Secure Wi-Fi WAN

Published On 17 February 21

Source: SpeedFusion encrypts all traffic from endpoint to endpoint, keeping your data safe even when connected over public Wi-Fi. Full webinar here: