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SpeedFusion™ for Public Safety

Published On 12 Aug 2020

We break down how Peplink provides unbreakable connectivity with SpeedFusion for Public Safety.

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Peplink Transit Duo in a Mercedes-Benz Vans

Published On 07 Aug 2020

Original source: Had a ton of fun installing the Peplink Transit Duo in a Mercedes-Benz Vans boldt The end user wanted reliable internet for web meetings and work VPN. We used the speedfusioncloud to create an unbreakable internet connection with WAN Smoothing I don’t […]

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Unrestricted Internet Access For RVers

Published On 03 Aug 2020

At Frontier Computer Corp., we’re proud to partner with innovators in mobile internet. Our partner Mobil Satellite Technologies‘s game-changing unlimited 4G LTE data plan—powered by T-Mobile’s Band 71 technology—provides the connectivity RV enthusiasts have been waiting for. In this blog post from RV LIFE, learn how RVers—including […]

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Carpenter Oak – Point-to-Point Rural Internet

Published On 28 Jul 2020

Carpenter Oak live and breathe timber framed buildings, large and small, and they love a challenge. They create truly unique frames that respond to the client’s brief giving them a bespoke ‘made to measure’ and personalised solution to their brief […]

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First Look: Peplink Balance 20X Cellular Mobile Router with Upgrade Path to 5G

Published On 27 Jul 2020

Original source: Earlier this year Peplink released the new Balance 20X router, really intended for an office setting – with the cellular modem just being an emergency fail over to a wired connection. Thus the embedded modem is just […]

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Why did GetWireless partner with Peplink?

Published On 25 Jul 2020

Watch to learn why GetWireless loves Peplink’s amazing portfolio of products and more! We cover everything you need to know including: Why GetWireless decided to partner with Peplink Applications best served by Peplink products What GetWireless likes most about Peplink […]

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#WhyILovePeplink: Frontier Computer Corp.

Published On 24 Jul 2020

Before Frontier Computer Corp. began distributing Peplink products, we used them ourselves. Our branch network relies on the Peplink Balance SDX multi-WAN router. We chose the Balance SDX for our environment because it meets our business requirements for highly-available multi-WAN connections—including cellular—that enable secure high-bandwidth access […]

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A nifty router firmware trick

Published On 22 Jul 2020

Michael Horowitz December 23, 2019Source: Suppose, for example, your router is currently running firmware version 1 and the vendor has released version 2. Crappy routers offer a choice, you can run either version 1 or 2. Not so with Peplink, […]

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How to choose a 4G router for your business

Published On 30 Jun 2020

There are many 4G routers on the market, offering a wide variety of features. You need to make sure that the router provides functionality and flexibility for your solution needed. Here are the main things to consider when you a […]

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Saved by my router

Published On 30 Jun 2020

Original source: by Michael Horowitz March 4, 2019 Once upon a time, all the computers, phones and tablets in my home were happily connected to the Internet. But, a laptop computer, that does work very important to me, could […]

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