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[Case] Stillwater Police

Published On 07 December 20

Oklahoma’s Stillwater Police Department recently rolled out a fleet of patrol vehicles equipped to connect to the city’s internal network via 4G LTE.

The consumer-grade networking gear used in the initial deployment wasn’t up to the task: a few months in, scorching summer heat began breaking down the devices. Stillwater Police needed a tougher option – and fast.

[Case] Multimarine Shipyards Ltd

Published On 03 December 20

Multimarine specializes in mechanical and marine engineering and is the owner of Ereneos dry-dock located in Limassol port in Cyprus. Its areas of operation include marine support services, inspection, repairs, maintenance, construction, welding services and fabrication. …

[Case] Clinton National Bank

Published On

Source: Originally entering business in 1865, Clinton National is one of the first financial institutions in the State of Iowa, US. Clinton National was using strictly an MPLS T1 network between 9 branch locations. No redundancy or ability to […]

[Case] Fail-safe | even if there is a fire!

Published On 01 December 20

Mobile workstations are common in many industries these days, including BOS units. There is no question that reliable hardware and software is a must for fire-fighting operations; after all, it is about extinguishing fires and / or saving lives as quickly and effectively as possible. Modern IT is therefore part of the standard in many rescue vehicles. In addition to reliable equipment, one of the most important points for successful operations is the reliability of wireless connections to the Internet. …

Making the Jump to Unbreakable Live Broadcast

Published On 24 November 20

The Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) is a public broadcaster in central Germany. Founded in 1991, MDR employs 2,100 staff and is a member of the ARD, a joint organization of Germany’s regional public service broadcasters. MDR broadcasts news, information, education, and entertainment over television, radio, and Internet podcasts. …

[Case] Mytilineos

Published On 10 November 20

Source: Mytilineos Holdings is one of Greece’s leading industrial conglomerates. They take on projects in engineering and construction, metallurgy, mining and energy in over 15 countries around the world. With a mix of branch offices and remote sites with […]

L’ALBATROS MY : Fast & reliable Network by SeaSatCom

Published On 27 October 20

Solution to improve Internet netwok on board

ENIGMA XK MY : An explorer yacht network completly refited by SeaSatCom

Published On

Solution found to to deliver an integrated LAN to support all connected systems (IT / AV /CCTV / LIGHTS / HVAC and TELEMEDICINE) to allow customer to monitor the bandwidth, control the traffic and manage the WAN costs ( VSAT and 4G).

Ordermark app-based ordering uses Peplink solution

Published On 23 October 20

Ordermark helps restaurants maximize the benefits and utilize the capabilities of online ordering using Pepwave MAX-BR1

[Video Case] Rapidly Deploy Reliable Communications for Healthcare in Trying Times

Published On

See this video case study. Learn how to rapidly deploy reliable communications for healthcare in trying times. …