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Installation of SDX on a healthcare vehicle in Texas

Published On 31 December 20

CAT18 SDX Install for this mobile healthcare vehicle in El paso Texas.

[Design Lab] High Availability setup in the healthcare industry

Published On 21 December 20

A hospital in the South-East Asia region.
Currently there are 11 branches in the region using a single 50M/50M connection.
There will be an upgrade of two different 100M/100M connections for future use. …

An installation day for the mobile clinic

Published On 27 November 20

Another install today powering this mobile health clinic with SpeedFusion Cloud and Power of Peplink.

Mobile simulation bus with MBX in Miami Florida

Published On 25 November 20

Fun day down in Miami Florida setting up this mobile simulation bus with the extreme performance Peplink MBX CAT18. …

WalkOn Clinic with HD2 & SpeedFusion Cloud

Published On 23 November 20

Customer needed internet on their mobile healthcare vehicle by tomorrow. We got it done! Peplink HD2 with SpeedFusion cloud.

Hardware update for healthcare provider

Published On 03 November 20

In Miami today upgrading this healthcare provider from the Peplink Balance 380 to the new SDX with 3 LTEA Cellular modems built in. This company knows the power of Peplink and how to keep their company online. 2 of 3 installs done. 1 more tonight and 2 tomorrow in Tampa. …

The deployment of Peplink’s product on a healthcare vehicle

Published On 21 October 20

Another client gets to experience the power of Peplink and help people at the same time. This new mammography vehicle will serve a lot of people in CT and with Peplink’s latest SDX Pro and the 10 HD1 Cat18 Domes they are able transfer full cases in under 10 minutes uncompressed. …

A Peplink product installation trip assisted by Peter West

Published On 07 October 20

Yesterday I assisted the team installing some equipment in Cocoa Beach FL, today I start a 9 day journey with 4 installs and 2 meetings. …

Installation of Balance 380 in a branch health clinic

Published On 05 October 20

Phoenix AZ install 1, upgraded this branch health clinic from Peplink Balance 380 to the extreme performance SDX with 3 CAT12 LTEA modems for compete facility failover. This company know the power of Peplink SDWAN. …