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What is SD-WAN?

Published On 20 January 21

SD-WAN acts as an air traffic controller for data.

SD-WAN is an acronym (abbreviation) formed by the Software-Defined Wide Area Network.

SD-WAN – The bridge towards 5G

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SD-WAN is the bridge to 5G which can lead to new performance levels, also on 4G

Uninterrupted cellular bonding

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Bad reception?
We understand the importance of always being connected – wherever you are. Whether you’re in the city or in the middle of nowhere, roaming from network to network shouldn’t equate to failure and even more failure.

Capabilities testing on edge computing with Peplink SDX Pro

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Today we tested Peplink’s new SDX PRO router with EDGE COMPUTING capabilities. This means it can host virtual machines (VM), CyberSecurity software, websites, applications and docker containers. …

Specialize your company by having training materials in your own language

Published On 18 January 21

Every week Frontier Computer Corp. B.V. supports our partners by providing Peplink training courses on request. To make it easier for our partners in Portugal and Spain to gain more in-depth knowledge of the different Peplink products and services, our colleague Filipe Freitas has translated these training courses into Portuguese and Spanish! …

3D printed metal SIM card covers

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Our first 3D designed and printed metal part. It’s a SIM card cover for the Peplink MBX to allow a sim extender cable to be installed without breaking the cable and to make sure the card stays seated. Most expensive little thing ever but super cool. …

Installation of Peplink devices in a healthcare facility

Published On 15 January 21

In beautiful Jacksonville Florida, we are upgrading a healthcare facility from the Peplink Balance 380 to the Balance SDX with Bonded LTE backup today.

Peplink/ Pepwave – Checking your Cellular Signal

Published On 14 January 21

Whether you’re installing your Pepwave cellular router for the first time, or you’re troubleshooting a problem, having access to the in depth signal details can be a helpful tool.

Using SpeedFusion Cloud to improve the reliability of video conferencing and streaming

Published On 13 January 21

This is an in depth video on configuring SpeedFusion Cloud Bonding, setting up sub tunnels for WAN Smoothing and Forward Error Correction, and configuring outbound policies on a Peplink router and InControl2. …

Peplink / Pepwave How to Use VLANs for Guest Connections

Published On 12 January 21

We talk about what a VLAN is, address a couple use cases, and how you how to configure a Guest VLAN network. This can be helpful to personal and business users as it not only provides more security, but allows you to control bandwidth to certain users/ devices as needed. …