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BGP SD-WAN Edge Using Peplink SD-WAN with HA

Published On 09 April 21

Thanks to Cox CommunicationsUniti Fiber and Peplink we have an incredibly resilient network, that is easy to manage, support, and scale.

Tutorial: Install a SIM Card in the HD1 Dome (Or HD2 Dome)

Published On

Quick tutorial from Peter on Installing a SIM Card in the HD1 Dome. The process is the same for a HD2 Dome.

Tutorial: Broadcast Layer2 VLAN over SpeedFusion Split Tunnel!

Published On 29 March 21

In this tutorial, Peter from West Networks explains how to Broadcast Layer2 VLAN over SpeedFusion Split tunnel.

Tutorial: Peplink MBX Overview and Setup!

Published On 26 March 21

Peplink University: Peplink MBX Overview, What comes in the box, Setting up, and a deep dive into InControl to finish setting it up.

Anywhere Connectivity for Teradici PCoIP Powered by Peplink MBX Quad 5G Router

Published On 25 March 21

We have a client that needs to run Teradici PCoIP from anywhere. They will use about 250GB/week so we built a T-mobile 5G powered SpeedFusion case.

Peplink/ Pepwave – Configuring PepVPN & SpeedFusion with Hot Failover By: 5Gstore.com

Published On

This video demonstrates how to configure a simple PepVPN or SpeedFusion with Hot Failover VPN tunnel between a Pepwave MAX BR1 Classic and Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3. This can be configured on any Peplink or Pepwave router, but the VPN options will differ from hardware to hardware.

Peplink MBX HD4 CAT18 with Puma 401 Promise Unbreakable Connectivity for UF Health Mobile Outreach Unit

Published On 23 March 21

When UF Health needed connectivity for their Mobile Outreach unit they chose the Peplink MBX HD4 CAT18 with 5G ready Puma 401 antennas.

Peplink/ Pepwave Remote User Access – OpenVPN Configuration

Published On 22 March 21

Our how-to guide on one of Peplink’s available VPN server connections – OpenVPN. Connect to your router remotely to access devices or files, or just use it to secure Internet traffic over a public network (i.e. coffee shop or hotel WiFi). Make sure you’ve set up an OpenVPN account and confirm your WAN/ Internet IP address is publicly routable, as this will not work without one.

Introducing Peplink 5G Routers

Published On 19 March 21

We are proud to introduce: the new 5G-capable routers from Peplink! How are the Balance 310 5G and the HD4 MBX 5G structured and what innovative functions do the devices bring with them? We show you in our latest video.

Jenexus Looking to Continuous Growth Ahead with Peplink

Published On 18 March 21

Jenexus looking to continuous growth ahead with Peplink who is a world-renowned brand of wireless devices which offers enterprise router, Wi-Fi, SMB networking, cloud-based central controller, and other related services, as well as network solutions.