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Tutorial: Enable Forward Error Control in a SpeedFusion Tunnel!

Published On 18 March 21

Peplink University: Enable Forward Error Control in a SpeedFusion Tunnel! Peter from West Networks quickly walks through InControl2 to enable FEC.

Pepwave MAX BR1 Ensures Absolute Data Security for Satellite via SpeedFusion AES Encrypted Tunnel

Published On 16 March 21

MobilSat used the Pepwave MAX BR1 cellular router from Peplink utilizing a SpeedFusion AES-encrypted tunnel via Cellular Data service directed to their secured teleports. Through custom routing methods at their secured satellite teleports, MobilSat was able to join both cellular and satellite secured traffic and pass it into the client’s existing satellite-centric VPN service.

MAX HD2 Dome Enables Streaming Apps for Port Vauban Antibes

Published On 15 March 21

Another Peplink Max HD2 dome deployed in PORT VAUBAN ANTIBES ! Combined with SpeedFusion, this solution will enable streaming apps onboard this Motor Yacht!

Pepwave Announces 5G Routers: MAX Transit, Balance 310 & HD4

Published On

Though not officially for sale yet – Peplink has published the datasheets for a series of new 5G cellular integrated routers – including a new version of our perennial “Top Pick” for many demanding users, the Pepwave MAX Transit. Now – new to the MAX Transit line is the Pepwave MAX Transit 5G.

Peplink Firmware 8.1.1 – WiFi Air Monitor Support for Troubleshooting

Published On 12 March 21

An overview of how to configure Peplink’s WiFi Air Monitor, which is newly supported on firmware 8.1.1. We’ll also show you how this wireless environment monitoring feature works. Great for troubleshooting remotely and proactively handling Wi-Fi and WAN performance.

Tutorial – Peplink AP Pro AC Setup!

Published On 11 March 21

Check out West Networks’ latest Peplink University video on the Peplink AP Pro AC IP67 Setup!

The Balance One Router Delivers Big Business Uptime and Speed with Affordability

Published On 09 March 21

The Balance One router with dual-WAN load balancing delivers big-business uptime and speed in an affordable package designed for small businesses and power users.

The Peplink SDX Pro – Modular SD-WAN Router

Published On

The SDX Pro offers greater flexibility and functionality, plus with its support of edge computing, it can deliver multiple applications, websites and docker containers.

Peplink M12 Connectors Deliver Reliability and Ruggedness for Industrial Applications

Published On 08 March 21

In a hostile plant environment, the M12 connector has built a decades-long track record as one of the most reliable connectors for industrial applications. Once used primarily by automobile manufacturers, the M12 has become the industry standard in railways, factory automation, autonomous robotics, communication, measurement and control, and many other applications.

Peplink UBR LTE Offers Affordable Unbreakable Connectivity Solution

Published On

We are seeing a big increase in sales of the Peplink UBR LTE router.

And we don’t think that’s surprising, because these DUAL-CELLULAR routers are ideal for a very affordable unbreakable connectivity solution via Peplink’s SpeedFusion SD-WAN bonding technology.