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Introducing the Peplink Balance 380X and 580X

Published On 08 March 21

Backed by the full power of SpeedFusion technology, Peplink’s Balance line of enterprise-grade multi-WAN routers is famous for reliability, maintaining connectivity even when a WAN connection breaks. Now, the Balance 380X and the Balance 580X build on that history with the addition of an expansion module slot, allowing for bandwidth-on-demand from both LTE and 5G.

Tutorial – Setting up a Balance 20X!

Published On 04 March 21

West Networks Tutorial – Peter shows you how to set up a Balance 20X!

Unbreakable Maritime Connectivity

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Reliable Internet connectivity can provide enhanced enjoyment onboard and increased navigational capabilities (nautical charts, weather reports – or the location of the nearest marina), additional entertainment for the guests and crew (IP Radio/TV, news, social media) as well as secure corporate communications (VoIP, email and messaging). However getting reliable internet connectivity at sea has a number of specific challenges particular to this difficult and ever-changing environment.

How to Configure Peplink Layer 2 SpeedFusion VPN

Published On 03 March 21

How to Configure Peplink Layer 2 SpeedFusion VPN

Peplink Cellular Failover: 3 Key Benefits

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Whether the need is to keep a remote worker online, ensure a retail store’s credit card transactions run smoothly, or provide a connection failsafe for a commercial building, cellular failover is fast becoming a requirement for networks that can’t compromise on connectivity. Peplink’s SD-WAN solutions provide the perfect combination of cellular failover, management insight, and proactive reporting to minimize unexpected expenses, all while while keeping you connected.

SD-WAN Connections Explained

Published On 02 March 21

The Internet connection on any network comes in through a WAN (Wide Area Network). The WAN connection can originate from any of several sources: cable, DSL, fiber, satellite, or even cellular. The router brings Internet in through the WAN connection and distributes it to all connected users. Each of the following technologies act in different ways on WAN connections and Internet bandwidth distribution. Bandwidth Bonding and Hot Failover are Peplink technologies that require SpeedFusion.

Peplink/ Pepwave – PPTP VPN Configuration

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Our how-to guide on one of Peplink’s available VPN server connections – PPTP. Connect to your router remotely to access devices or files, or just use it to secure Internet traffic over a public network (i.e. coffee shop or hotel WiFi). Make sure you’ve confirmed your WAN/ Internet IP address is publicly routable or this will not work.

Peplink MBX Provides All-Powerful Connectivity for the Mobile Operations to a Broadcasting Company

Published On 01 March 21

A broadcasting company needed connectivity for mobile operations. We built them the SFC-6U-MAX-HD4-MBX-GLTE-4Q case with removable 5G ready PUMA antennas, plenty of space for their equipment in the 6U Shock absorbing rack, and the all powerful MBX 5G Ready SpeedFusion capable router.

Peplink/ Pepwave – OpenVPN Client Mode

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This requires Peplink’s 8.1.1 firmware, along with the license SKU: LIC-OPN-WAN – Peplink introduced this feature so that users can create a virtual WAN using Open VPN.

Reliable, Fast, and Secure Connectivity for the Public Safety: More Important than Ever!

Published On 26 February 21

Stronger, Faster, More Flexible! Introducing the next step to Extreme Performance: Peplink’s SDX Pro router.