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The Quick Guide to Building a SpeedFusion Connection

Published On 30 Oct 2020

Congratulations, you have now established a SpeedFusion connection! You can check the status of the connection on the dashboard of each device.

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How to get the most out of your Outbound Traffic Rules

Published On 29 Oct 2020

The following are three examples of how-to configure the Balance’s outbound traffic rules. …

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Remote Web Admin: Access the WebUI of Devices behind a Cellular/Private IP

Published On 28 Oct 2020

The objective of this article is to explain the Remote Web Admin feature and how to access it. Please note that this feature is available on devices running Firmware 6.1.2 or newer. …

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Configuring the Peplink Balance for X.509 Authentication

Published On 27 Oct 2020

Peplink can use X.509 certificates for authentication on both SpeedFusion and IPSEC VPNs. The first step in using certificate authentication is working with your certificate authority to generate a private key and signed certificate for the Peplink device. The key and certificate must be encoded in PEM format. After obtaining the files you can begin installation within the Peplink web interface. …

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Configuring port speed and duplex

Published On 23 Oct 2020

Sometimes you may experience abnormal slow throughput results or packet drops which usually turns out to be caused by auto-negotiation issues. …

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Possible solution for an unresponsive Peplink Balance in LAN

Published On 22 Oct 2020

Source: Sometimes customers may experience the problem with an unresponsive Peplink Balance when connecting it through a switch in LAN; the Peplink Balance cannot route traffic and it cannot be pinged. When a Peplink Balance is first replacing an […]

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Implementing Peplink SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN with Drop-In Mode

Published On 21 Oct 2020

SpeedFusion supports Drop-in mode environment. In this network scenario, user would require to communicate the private LAN subet and …

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Using SSL Persistence for E-Banking and Other Secure Websites

Published On 20 Oct 2020

Outbound Custom Rules with Persistence algorithm, available with Peplink Balance, is a solution for stable, secure (SSL) website transactions. …

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Enabling DHCP Server Logging

Published On 19 Oct 2020

As of Firmware 6.3, Peplink routers can log DHCP server activity in the event log. To enable this feature, navigate to Network > Network Settings. Then click on the LAN port you wish to log. …

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Port Settings for Microsoft Xbox Live

Published On 16 Oct 2020

The Peplink Balance is compatible with Microsoft Xbox Live online service. For Peplink Balance to accommodate Xbox Live traffic, you would need to configure an Outbound Traffic Rule to enable persistence and Inbound Access Service to allow inbound access for the ports listed below. …

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