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[Design Lab] Broadcasting live events with SpeedFusion technology

Published On 15 January 21


A well established organization focusing on TV program product technology
Good reputation for creating programs that combine performers and staff
Corporate responsible company

Balance 305 vs Balance 380

Published On 14 January 21

SpeedFusion Peer
Balance 305 supports 2 SpeedFusion peers by default and can support up to 30 SpeedFusion peers with an additional license (BPL-305-SPF).
Balance 380 features 30 SpeedFusion peers by default and can support up to 100 SpeedFusion peers with an additional license (SFN-LC-100).

[Design Lab] Reliable connectivity for mobile in-car video conferencing

Published On 13 January 21


A multinational automotive manufacturer based in Asia.
Currently using a single LTE modem router in vehicles to provide connectivity.
The demand for in-car conferencing has been increasing since COVID-19.

[Design Lab] Multi-cellular bonding for corporate access

Published On 12 January 21


A Civil contracting company in the Oceania region.
Established for 15 years.
Focused capabilities include urban development, mining & resources, government projects and infrastructure.
Currently they have multiple remote sites and are expanding.

Balance 20 vs Balance 20X

Published On 08 January 21

Source: (1) WAN Interface Balance 20 supports Dual-WAN connectivity, seamlessly switching between 2 WAN links. Balance 20X features 1 Ethernet WAN, 1 Embedded LTE Modem, 1 USB Interface, and 1 FlexModul Mini slot. (2) Dual-band Wi-Fi Balance 20 comes […]

[Design Lab] Creating a jitter-free connection for video conferencing

Published On 07 January 21


A company based in East Asia.
Provides commercial printing services to clients globally.
Currently using rental conference rooms to host Zoom meetings with clients.

[Design Lab] Using Peplink to create an unbreakable live broadcast setup

Published On 06 January 21


An events company based in the Asia Pacific region.
Transmit live video footage data consistently.
Currently using multiple communications (DSL, ADSL, Fibre) at the HQ.

Balance 20X vs Balance 310X

Published On 05 January 21


Balance 20X has a maximum throughput of 900Mbps, which is ideal for small businesses and branches
Balance 310X offers a routing throughput of 2.5Gbps, enabling a gigabit connection for medium-size branches.

[Design Lab] Creating a resilient Peplink High Availability model

Published On 04 January 21

Environment A company based in America.
Specializes in providing wireless internet services to Residential apartment buildings across the country.

Balance 30 LTE vs Balance 30 Pro

Published On 31 December 20


Balance 30 Pro is configured with Wi-Fi for day-to-day operations, meanwhile, Balance 30 LTE comes equipped without Wi-Fi to fulfill strict security compliance.