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[Webinar] Peplink at Sea

Published On 06 Aug 2020

Join our Peplink at Sea webinar to learn how to configure your device and some tips and tricks. You’ll learn: Common Configurations: VLAN, SSID, outbound rules, firewall rules and how to apply a speed limit to a user group Useful […]

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[Webinar] Introducing Peplink Firmware 8.1.0

Published On 16 Jul 2020

Join our webinar on Thursday, June 25th to learn what’s new and cool in Peplink firmware 8.1.0. This webinar is FREE and can help new Peplink partners to quickly get up to speed with our new software features. You’ll learn What’s cool in […]

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Maritime Peplink Certified Engineer (mPCE) Campaign 2020

Published On 12 Jul 2020

Join our Maritime Peplink Certified Engineer (mPCE) course to become an expert about the Peplink Solution in Maritime vertical! The aim of this course is to allow partners to select, install, and operate Peplink equipment in a maritime environment to get the […]

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[Webinar] Unbreakable Maritime Connectivity

Published On 11 Jan 2020

Join our webinar Unbreakable Maritime Connectivity to learn how to sell Peplink products in Maritime Networking. This webinar is FREE and can help Peplink partners to quickly get up speed with our SpeedFusion features and the focused models. You’ll learn […]

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