Connecting a drillship to her Headquarter using LTE

Published On 19 Jul 2020

  • high data usage across cellular.
  • low latency to enable real-time data applications.
  • advanced Cybersecurity policies.

When Pacific Drilling’s CIO approached TECHfirm Canarias regarding their 4G connectivity requirements for the Pacific Meltem, they faced two immediate challenges. Firstly, to recommend the best solutions for a drillship that needs to access the company (NYSE: PACD) Enterprise Network, with the need for high data usage across cellular (roughly 1Tb/mth). Secondly to ensure that the solution will offer low-latency performances to enable all their applications (VOIP, Visioconferencing, remote maintenance and data historian). Following detailed discussions, the TECHfirm Canarias team recommended an LTEA cellular solution comprising Pepwave MAX HD4, and two extra MAX BR1s IP67 to maximize the signal reception from the shore and to reduce cable run. 6 x Multi-IMSI capable SIM cards were delivered to ensure a maximum of flexibility (600+ networks available). Meanwhile, a FusionHub virtual impliance has been setup within the customer datacenter.

Equipment used in deployment

Then, TECHfirm Canarias Maritime Peplink Certified engineers (mPCE) configured the speedfusion relying on three main features:

  • bonding (bandwidth aggregation) on the 6 SIM cards (running on four different local providers)
  • latency management to exclude from the SDWAN a SIM card which latency is higher than 150ms
  • 256-bit AES encryption VPN to match with advanced Cybersecurity policies

Since the installation, the solution has been upgraded with the latest HD4 MBX to allow Pacific Drilling to use the service in Las Palmas and in the Gulf of Mexico with first-class performances matching perfectly with their fleet digitalization ambitions.

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