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Antennas: How to Go Wireless while Staying Connected

Published On 16 June 21

Going wireless but staying connected, whether indoor or outdoor, requires an antenna. Here are a few things to know about antennas.

SimpliWiFi Provides Connectivity to Hay Festival for 11 Day Live Stream to over 80,000+ viewers

Published On 09 June 21

SimpliWiFi & Peplink provide unbreakable connectivity for 200= hours of live streaming to 80,000+ viewers over 11 days.

NAVATECH AS and TECHfirm Canarias connecting the Fishing industry

Published On 11 May 21

Internet connectivity for fishing boats has never been so accessible! Discover how Navatech AS and TECHfirm Canarias joined forces to deliver an #unbreakable Internet connectivty on a 100ft fishing vessel in Norway.

Lobel’s of New York Enjoys Unbreakable VoIP

Published On 05 May 21

For world-renowned butcher shop Lobel’s of New York, any loss of connectivity can mean missing out on thousands of dollars in mail order business. Thanks to FrontierUS partner BerkmanTech, though, Lobel’s owners can rest easy knowing that Peplink’s hot failover will keep them connected—even through a natural disaster.

Unboxing Video: Peplink MAX Adapter

Published On

Don’t miss this new unboxing video of the MAX Adapter from our Peplink expert and Product Manager, Mike Anderson! Get an inside look at what to expect when ordering this new stat of the art cellular modem.

Unboxing Video: Peplink Balance 310 5G

Published On

Check out this new Peplink Balance 310 5G unboxing video from our resident Peplink expert, Mike Anderson! Get an inside look at what to expect when ordering this 5G-hybrid enterprise branch connectivity device.

Unboxing Video: Peplink MAX Transit 5G

Published On

Watch our new Peplink MAX Transit 5G unboxing video from our Peplink Product Manager, Mike Anderson! Get an inside look at what to expect when ordering this 5G mobile router for transportation deployments.

#WhyILovePeplink: Connectivity at Sea with the MAX HD2 Dome

Published On 21 April 21

Maintaining business-critical connectivity can be a challenge for any location-independent worker. Learn how the Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome from Peplink allows one entrepreneur to work anywhere—even at sea.

1SimplePhone Powers COVID Testing with Peplink

Published On 19 April 21

Drive-through testing sites were an essential resource during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the power of Peplink, 1SimplePhone CEO Jonathan Pitts crafted an innovative solution to provide unbreakable mobile connectivity to 100 sites.

The Future of Live Streaming

Published On 09 April 21

The effects of COVID-19 has undoubtedly increased pressure in many different industries with entertainment being one of the hardest hit. The industry has been forced to close its doors to both visitors and fans. Since then, live streaming has proven to be the new way to experience music, sports, and events that would otherwise have been live. Live streaming seems to be a shining light for everyone, allowing the last bit of normalcy to be experienced.