A fun installation and migration in Tampa FL

Published On 17 Nov 2020

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/peterjwest_peplink-sdwan-enterprisenetworking-activity-6733000087112310784-lP_c

What a fun Install and migration. In Tampa FL, I was asked for assistance moving to a new office building but needed to make sure the old office building stayed online until they finish the move. We set up the new office building with the same network configuration using Peplink SDWAN then went over to the old office and removed all of their servers and equipment.

We deployed new subnets, reset the printers and phones, then drove to the new office and hooked up their servers and equipment. Because the subnets were migrated to the new location the servers came online and worked perfectly. Two offices completely reconfigured in less than one day with only a few hours of downtime to move the servers in the evening. Thanks Rudy Castillo for letting work with you on this.

Now I am headed to Alaska to finish the very last branch location completing the SDWAN deployment and removing the very last MPLS. After tomorrow evening this company will be 100% Peplink SDWAN.

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