A quick review of of the previous installation and the team is heading to the next stop

Published On 07 Oct 2020

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/peterjwest_tuscon-sdxpro-sdwan-activity-6718948674069639168-H2bk

Okay, last install in Phoenix and SDX Branch install. Its so cool how fast this is working. We use the LTEA to setup the routers offline, then connect to the network and swap the users over. The result is minimal impact and ultra reliability.

The 3 integrated LTEA are nice because the facility has near broadband speeds when on LTE so operations aren’t affected by an ISP outage. The Peplink Extreme Performance SDX with LTEA Flex Module is an incredible enterprise router. It boasts12 Gbps of routing throughput, SFP+, PoE GbE LAN, and a Flex Module support for more SFP, more PoE GbE, LTEA, or 5G. Now I’m heading to Tuscon for a special #SDXPro install.

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