Accessing the Peplink Balance Router via its Console Port

Published On 24 Feb 2021

This tutorial will help you connect your computer to a Peplink Balance router using the console port.

Before you start
Before you start you will need a RJ-45 to usb console cable; alternatively you can use a combination of a RJ-45 to DB-9 console cable and a USB to RS-232 cable.

In this example we have used a RJ-45 to DB-9 console cable in combination with a USB to RS-232 cable.You also need to have serial connection software installed on your pc to connect to the peplink Balance.
We have used “putty.exe” which can be downloaded here.

Locate the serial connection in your pc
You need to know the COM port number that is used by the USB to serial connection. In windows open the Device Manager, which can be found in your Control Panel.
Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Hardware Tab > Device Manager

In the above example we are using COM3

Launch and configure Putty.exe
Start Putty from your applications and change the following settings:
Select “Session ” set the serial line to the COM port used by your USB to Serial connection (COM3 in thsi example) and set the speed to 115200.

Select “Window” and set the “Lines of Scrollback” to 50000.
If you need to obtain the console debug logs select “Session > Logging” and select “All session output” and set the log file name to “putty.log” (or any other recognizable name).
Click on “OPEN” after you have configured the settings as above.
You should see the output screen as shown below and login to your Peplink Balance Router.
To see the CLI SSH command references that can be used with peplink Routers download this file.


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