BGP SD-WAN Edge Using Peplink SD-WAN with HA

Published On 09 Apr 2021

My original SD-WAN network used CIDR blocks from ISPs and DNS to load balance incoming connections. This allows a company to load balance incoming connections between multiple WANs. The drawback is IP failover for VoIP and other IP-sensitive applications are difficult to load balance.

The answer is BGP over SDWAN for inbound IP resiliency. We have 3 ARIN /24 networks that we advertise over two ISPs. Our main West BGP WAN operates in HA and manages our two main ARIN /24 networks then we have a Lab BGP WAN which allows us to play with new firmware and features without affecting our production network. Now Voice and IP sensitive applications that are tied to incoming IPs seamlessly route using our BGP WAN architecture.

Thanks to Cox CommunicationsUniti Fiber and Peplink we have an incredibly resilient network, that is easy to manage, support, and scale.


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