Peplink UBR LTE Offers Affordable Unbreakable Connectivity Solution

Published On 08 Mar 2021

Dylan Van Elst is working on a pre-installation for an end customer of one of our partners. We are seeing a big increase in sales of the Peplink UBR LTE router.

And we don’t think that’s surprising, because these DUAL-CELLULAR routers are ideal for a very affordable #unbreakable connectivity solution via Peplink’s SpeedFusion SD-WAN bonding technology.

This all-in-one WAN solution can be used for industrial deployments and integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment. The UBR LTE consists of a fanless, ruggedized chassis and comes with DIN mounts and MOLEX power connectors, and supports an extended operating temperature range. This makes it a versatile router that can be used in numerous ways.

This model comes with PrimeCare, making it easy to set up SpeedFusion-powered networks. This means that the Peplink UBR LTE can be used in many situations.


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