Pepwave MAX BR1 Ensures Absolute Data Security for Satellite via SpeedFusion AES Encrypted Tunnel

Published On 16 Mar 2021

A company in the oil and gas space needed better connectivity for their remote sites and vehicles. Luckily, they approached #FrontierUS partner Mobil Satellite Technologies for a solution.

The company, which had exclusively been using satellite voice and data services, needed to connect to cellular 4G LTE data when available, and switch back to satellite depending on which offered the stronger connection. All traffic needed to be fully secure at all times—even when switching between networks.

MobilSat used the Pepwave MAX BR1 cellular router from Peplink utilizing a SpeedFusion AES-encrypted tunnel via Cellular Data service directed to their secured teleports. Through custom routing methods at their secured satellite teleports, MobilSat was able to join both cellular and satellite secured traffic and pass it into the client’s existing satellite-centric VPN service.

With the client fully integrated between cellular and satellite, an unbreakable WAN was established providing the best connection available while ensuring the absolute security of data and company resources.


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