The New 5G Frequency is Extremely Suitable for the Maritime Sector!

Published On 25 Feb 2021

The new 5G frequency is extremely suitable for the maritime sector!

The European Union has designated three preferred frequencies for 5G: 700 megahertz, 3.5 gigahertz and 26 gigahertz.

The first 5G frequency which is currently being used is the 700 Mhz and this frequency is already supported by Peplink’s 5G-ready SD-WAN routers!

The 700 Mhz low frequency allows signals to reach far, which is ideal for covering long distances. This is perfect for the Maritime sector: By using the new 5G frequency you can use your cellular network even longer at sea, before switching to your satellite connection. This allows commercial vessels, passenger vessels, yachts etc. to reduce their internet costs and, at the same time, achieve higher speeds compared to their satellite connection.

With our 5G solutions you can combine different connections, enabling a reliable internet connection and have better control on your internet costs.

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