Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks provides Business Class Internet Services. Our specialty is in the area of 4G LTE and Future 5G Advanced wireless solutions for primary, temporary, failover/back-up, LTE POTS Replacement, and IoT/Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity.  Broad Sky’s gold-standard wireless solutions provide secure, reliable wireless connectivity to mobile and fixed devices with the greatest coverage in the United States and Canada. Our complete line of hardware and multi-carrier services helps businesses deploy robust, scalable, and secure applications that simplify the management of remote devices, reduce costs, and offer guaranteed availability of mission-critical applications. Broad Sky offers an industry-leading online portal, Wireless Window™, to manage provisioning, bandwidth allocation, and network performance monitoring.

  • Single-site businesses with multiple devices and secure connectivity for failover and primary connectivity.
  • SMB, multi-location
  • Large, distributed enterprises
  • Resell full line of Peplink Equipment for Wireless Solutions
  • $0 CAPEX options on term contracts
  • Engineering, Solution Design, and Support  (Pre- and post-sale)
  • Installation Services
  • Software Development
    • API and Application Development (IoS, Android, AWS Micro Services)
  • Wireless Window™ – Broad Sky’s Proprietary Management Platform
    • With one view – you are in complete control of your wireless network – from anywhere
    •  In addition to Peplink’s robust InControl Cloud Platform, Wireless Window adds another layer of management to provide one bill across carriers, management for other devices on the network, and online support requests.
    • Custom API development available
    • Ideal for any multi-site business and essential for large, distributed Enterprises with complex wireless network solutions.

Our tagline is: We Make Wireless Work.  We back that claim up every day by following our established processes to deliver the Gold Standard in Wireless services to every customer. The Engineering Team at Broad Sky goes the extra mile to make sure that every deployment is up and running quickly with the fastest speeds, lowest latency, and strongest signal. Multi-carrier Offering – maximum coverage

  • US: ATT, T-mobile, Verizon,
  • Canada: Telus, Rogers, BELL

Dual SIMS (minimum) on every deployment Rapid deployment Virtual site survey to pre-configure routers for strongest carrier and signal strength – for every deployment. Latest equipment technology: We implement solutions with Peplink equipment to ensure the customer has access to the highest performing wireless equipment.  Cross-carrier data pooling

  • As a single-source solution, Broad Sky enables businesses to contribute to an aggregated total usage pool across multiple providers for all locations.

Proactive Data Management (mid-month vs. end-of-month)

  • InControl, Wireless Window, and Broad Sky’s in-house Data Management Team all provide customers with access and notifications for data usage and potential overages. Broad Sky monitors data usage throughout the month to avoid surprises at the end of the month.*

Broad Sky We have solutions implemented for both SMB multi-location customers and Large, Distributed Enterprises in:

  • Retail
  • Quick Service Restaurants and Restaurant Chains
  • Banking / Finance
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Disaster Recovery

*Broad Sky implements a range of data usage monitoring systems; however, platform updates, algorithm changes, or customer-generated changes may interrupt effective monitoring. Broad Sky encourages clients to also frequently log in to management platforms to review data usage manually.

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