Founded in 2015, by Martin Langmaid and Andy Harris, Slingshot6 is the worlds first connectivity agency.

We define the term “connectivity agency” as a company that provides strategic direction, creative solution design, and technical product and service development to enable a successful outcome to a connectivity challenge.

What that means in practice very much depends who you are. If you are an existing Peplink partner we can provide you with technical and commercial support services to enable you to win more work in more verticals more of the time. We have extensive experience of designing deploying and supporting connectivity solutions in nearly all verticals – so always have ideas and advice on different ways to go about winning and supporting opportunities.

Importantly our approach is always collaborative – we can show you how to do something, do it for you as a service, or find someone else to do it for you as required, and we spend a lot of our time introducing customers to partners and distributors globally to help in their regions.

If you are an end customer, an enterprise, or a managed service provider that is here because you just need to fix your connectivity challenge you’re in the right place. We have decades of combined Peplink technology experience and have connected everything from submarines, to VoiP handsets, to remote CCTV cameras, to remotely driven vehicles, to celebrities in their country homes, actors performing live on TV, to securitiy guards in shopping centers and everything else in between. And perhaps even more importantly – if we haven’t done something ourselves, we likely know someone who has.

A big part of what we do is actually who we are – we’re generous supporters of the Peplink community on the forum and across all social media channels, providing technical support for free more often than we charge for it. As geeks, we’re never afraid to try something and fail because risks can reap huge rewards and advancements in capability and each failure is a lesson learnt that helps us achieve more next time. We’re passionate educators, trainers, speakers and representatives of the Peplink community.


  • Peplink Partner Support Services
  • Connectivity Solution Design and Implementation
  • Outsourced Peplink support and remote engineering
  • Fusionhub Hosting
  • Project audit and support services

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    Cassy Mak Community Member Peplink Team Jul 22, 2020

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    Slingshot 6 helps others to deliver connectivity projects by leveraging their knowledge and experience.

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