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Broadcasting Made Better with the Peplink Puma Antenna Series

Published On 23 July 21

Peplink’s Puma antennas help bring unbreakable connectivity to boats and yachts at the dock or at sea. Interested to know more about this? Read the full case study.

Broadcasting the Bangsaen42 Chonburi Marathon

Published On 28 September 20

“As difficult as it is to run a marathon, it’s even harder to film.” The Bangsaen42 Marathon is no exception to this. 42.195 km in length, the Bangsaen42 Chonburi Marathon is an annual marathon held in Bang Saen, Chonburi Province, Thailand. …

Deployment of Peplink HD4 MBX for broadcasting

Published On 10 September 20

Deployed a Peplink HD4 MBX CAT18 in Orlando for a live broadcast cellular backup. Super great group of people. Now I’m on my way to Houston TX to install some CAT18 HD1 Domes on the roof of a municipal building.

Streaming over Peplink SpeedFusion and Speed Fusion Cloud

Published On 31 August 20

I got my ProRes 4k #JVC#ConnectedCam today, I’m so excited to build out our studio and start playing with streaming over Peplink#speedfusion and their new #speedfusioncloud

Broadcasting Solution for Bangsaen 42 Chonburi Marathon

Published On 07 August 20

Original source: https://forum.peplink.com/t/february-2020-photo-contest-winner/26699 These intrepid motorcyclists are broadcasting the Bangsaen 42 Chonburi Marathon. Each camera is hooked up to a SpeedFusion Engine worn by the motorcyclists at the front. We appreciate the novelty of the deployment, the realism of the […]