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Broadcasting Made Better with the Peplink Puma Antenna Series

Published On 23 July 21

Peplink’s Puma antennas help bring unbreakable connectivity to boats and yachts at the dock or at sea. Interested to know more about this? Read the full case study.

Oh my Internet

Published On 24 September 20

Although our need to be “connected” over the past years has steadily been growing with an ever-increasing range of services demanding a connection to the Internet cloud, it seems the past 6 months has pushed it to our mental limits! …

Biometric information used for Tourism

Published On 22 September 20

T.O.M.S International is using Fujitsu’s palm recognition technology to revolutionize the tourism industry. Due to the use of biometric information in tourism, they are transforming the industry by removing the need for paperwork and clickers to monitor passenger presence at sea. …

Connectivity for Facebook APAC Gaming Creator Summit

Published On 14 September 20

Each month more than 700 million people play, watch, stream, and share games on Facebook. Over the years, this audience has grown in size and become diverse and global. …

Joe T Vannelli

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Source: https://www.peplink.com/case-studies/joe-t-vannelli/ A Surge in Live Stream Performing In the recent months following the effects of the global pandemic. The constraints of the Coronavirus isolation have halted most recreational activities including the nightlife scene. In spite of these dire circumstances, […]

Options For Youth, Opportunities For Learning & Pathways In Education

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Alltech Solutions is a full-service technology and network solutions provider for the Education sector and small offices in California, US. …

Mobile Broadcast : Simple Connectivity

Published On 10 September 20

Mobile Broadcast once confined to high level events is now a commonplace practice for just about any form of commercial or social gathering. Therefore the ability and tools to deliver this need to scale to suit. From the launch of a new product to a small scale sporting fixture all the way to a major premier or news situation the characteristics of the connectivity are the same.

Using Peplink Devices for Yachts and Vessels

Published On 04 September 20

Peplink is a world-leading networking and connectivity technology company, selling under its own brands – ‘Peplink’ and ‘Pepwave.’ Peplink is the industry leading WAN/VPN Bonding and Load balancing equipment manufacturer.

Demand for internet connectivity on yachts has increased progressively over the past few years. Even when afloat, everyone wants a reliable internet connection – whether for work or pleasure. Although finding a cost-effective solution with internet connection flexibility, reliability, cost control that is also capable of providing plenty of bandwidth is a challenge.

Making the WAN smart with Peplink and Axiz

Published On 02 September 20

Axiz has partnered with Peplink to distribute a range of multi-WAN VPN bonding (SD-WAN) routers and access points.

A wind farm project

Published On 26 August 20

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/richard-koenders-2238262_radioholland-alwaysthereeverywhere-activity-6703923145067253760-NmJ3 We are very proud that, together with Radio Holland Belgium and with great support from Peplink, we have delivered this connectivity solution for the fleet of Jan de Nul Group in this prestigious project. Jan De Nul Group […]