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A Peplink product installation trip assisted by Peter West

Published On 07 October 20

Yesterday I assisted the team installing some equipment in Cocoa Beach FL, today I start a 9 day journey with 4 installs and 2 meetings. …

A quick review of of the previous installation and the team is heading to the next stop

Published On

Okay, last install in Phoenix and SDX Branch install. Its so cool how fast this is working. We use the LTEA to setup the routers offline, then connect to the network and swap the users over. The result is minimal impact and ultra reliability. …

Distribution center needed unbreakable connectivity

Published On 18 August 20

original source: https://www.linkedin.cn/posts/peterjwest_enterprisenetwork-sdwan-peplink-activity-6692055467667017728-SIa_ This new automated distribution center needed unbreakable connectivity and peplink was the only solution. I went and installed 3 CAT18 HD1 Domes, an SDX with PoE WAN, and SpeedFusion Cloud to create a truly reliable zero day […]