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SimpliWiFi Provides Connectivity to Hay Festival for 11 Day Live Stream to over 80,000+ viewers

Published On 09 June 21

SimpliWiFi & Peplink provide unbreakable connectivity for 200= hours of live streaming to 80,000+ viewers over 11 days.

Connectivity Solution for Cars in Thailand

Published On 17 September 20

Solution on the car. This round, try a new one. 2 Sim Bonding +Encoder JRP. Beautiful photo, sharp and clear. Thank you all team. If you are interested in any kind of solution, call to consult with us. 081-8100-292 men. …

Live Zoom event setup by CYN Group

Published On

Internet Bonding 7 Wan for Live Zoom event. I can get all solutions.
If anybody is interested in any kind of solution, call to consult us. 081-8100-292 men. …

Device upgrading to MAX HD4 Bonding LTE-A

Published On 11 September 20

It’s time to upgrade the big device. From Max On The Go to Max HD4 Bonding LTE-A according to the generation of modern work. …

UBR for Livestreaming in Thailand

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See you tomorrow bright and win
The first Solution Live Stream UBR in Thailand.
Ready to sell the whole solution.

Video Conference system to return to MAJOR and KBANK activities

Published On 10 September 20

We have a Live Streaming system in the form of Video Conference that can be used in a variety of formats that can mix video camera systems or OB systems to work together as well and delay 1-1.2 seconds. We can do 10-32 ms intersection, can be considered as the best RealTime Live Streaming system that can be said.

Make a system of Live Streaming events at OneSiam World Fashion Trend 2019

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Make a Live Streaming events system, OneSiam World Fashion Trend 2019, the fashion event of the year that includes all trends and stories of world-class style, parties, promotions and collections. Autumn / Winter 2019-2020 from luxury brands and Thai designer brands around the world By wanting to send images to every corner of the catwalk and Broadcast to different points We have chosen to use the Solution This is from Teradek. To send the stream image Along with the Back Pack with Full HD 1080p resolution

High quality Live-stream with SpeedFusion Engine Cam

Published On 08 September 20

With the strong development of technology today, the broadband Internet system such as 4G connection is gradually opening up new opportunities to increase the efficiency of message transmission for television stations and events. . Through 4G Router devices such as SpeedFusion Engine Cam (SFE Cam) of Peplink, communication unit can easily implement:

JOOX music live with Pepwave cellular router

Published On 31 August 20

Live will not be dropped if the JOOX MUSIC server is still working 😅😅 We will continue to live.

Peplink helps you to get your job done confidently

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LiveSteam off-site, internet multi-sim is needed, work as bonding data, to let customers’ job finished confidently.
📌 Make Live Stream using 👥 Zoom / 👨‍💼 MS Team Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing.
📌 Send Point-to-Point pictures during the commercial shoot to the director.
📌LiveStream, shareholder, Private system
📌Restream to Multi-Platform (YouTube / Facebook / WebApp / RTMP)
If interested, contact us at
Line: @cyngroup
📲0818100292 Khun Chai