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Peplink: Prepare and mobilize your offices anywhere

Published On 18 September 20

Vicente Herrera, Product Manager of Peplink in Acanto | Teknos , comments “Considering the current situation in the country, it is essential to be prepared when there is uncertainty about the protection of infrastructure and the service of network providers.” The executive comments. …

Peplink SpeedFusion case introduction

Published On 03 September 20

Check out this SpeedFusion case powered by Peplink SDXPro and 8 CAT18 HD1 Domes. So is this an SDx8?

Streaming over Peplink SpeedFusion and Speed Fusion Cloud

Published On 31 August 20

I got my ProRes 4k #JVC#ConnectedCam today, I’m so excited to build out our studio and start playing with streaming over Peplink#speedfusion and their new #speedfusioncloud