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Peplink Cellular Failover: 3 Key Benefits

Published On 16 March 21

When you can’t compromise on connectivity, failover keeps you connected. Learn three key benefits of Peplink’s SpeedFusion-powered cellular failover technology

MDR: successful jump to greater safety and reliability Non-disruptive outdoor transmission with SD-WAN

Published On 27 August 20

Source: https://www.ascend.de/en/us-in-the-press/mdr-successful-jump-to-more-safety-and-reliability/ Nuremberg, May 6, 2020 – The Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) produces a varied program. External broadcasts, such as reports of sporting and political events, or concerts, are often also available. In the case of various live broadcasts, it is important […]

Rapidly Deploy Reliable Communications for Healthcare

Published On 19 March 20

Standard solutions, such as hotspots or cellular routers with regular VPNs aren’t reliable enough to support the demanding overhead which modern mobile health clinics need.