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Peplink | Pepwave Deploying At Casino Resort Hoiana

Published On 03 Sep 2020

Hoiana is one of the two largest international 5-star luxury Casino Resort projects in Vietnam with registered investment capital of up to 4 billion USD. In addition to the modern casino system, Hoiana also provides many other recreational facilities, including: healthcare, shopping, cultural exhibitions, handicrafts, amusement parks, yachts, …

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Viggo Petersen's rolling office case

Published On 02 Sep 2020

With Peplink routers in the vehicles at Viggo Petersen’s Eftf., The drivers’ everyday lives have been optimized with modern communication. At the same time, drivers have become more confident; Now it can be seen where they are and it is easier for them to get in touch with the call center.

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Peplink router in-vehicle demonstration

Published On 28 Aug 2020

Source: http://www.caso.co.jp/download/download_4.html 2019/07/08 Peplink社製ルーター車載検証リポート 2019/08/21 ホワイトペーパーをアップデートしました

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Multi SIM router x vehicle data transmission

Published On 26 Aug 2020

Source: http://www.caso.co.jp/download/download_5.html Real-time analysis and visualization of high-precision vehicle data on the cloud. By bundling “Docomo SIM” and “Softbank SIM”, we realized stable (carrier redundancy) and high speed (bandwidth increase).This is an example of using aptpod’s SaaS solution “intdash Automotive […]

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Mission of Mercy

Published On 24 Aug 2020

Mission of Mercy is a community-based organization providing free healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured. Located in Arizona, Maryland/Pennsylvania, and Texas, the organization required dependable access and secure VPN between offices and mobile health clinics. After extensive research, the organization partnered with West Networks, a Peplink partner, to improve access of data between locations without compromising reliability.

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eBus equipped with high-speed routers by Hyperion

Published On 20 Aug 2020

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/hyperion-partners-llc_digitaldivide-pepwave-virtualschool-activity-6702009001279844352-O5NS Learn how Hyperion helped a school district deploy 80 buses equipped with high-speed routers for virtual school connectivity. https://bit.ly/31aMvUT Get more info by emailing [email protected]

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The case of the civil contractor KCE by Rising Connection

Published On 20 Aug 2020

KCE is a civil contractor known for its effective, innovative, safe and reliable approach to earthmoving, civil construction utilising heavy machinery and infrastructure projects. They also develop rural areas where internet connection is difficult or inconvenient to access.

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Case study - RTL Radio | Peplink Router Solutions for Uninterrupted Radio Transmission

Published On 19 Mar 2020

In this case study, you will see Peplink Router Solutions for Uninterrupted Radio Transmission.

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