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Peplink Cellular Failover: 3 Key Benefits

Published On 16 March 21

When you can’t compromise on connectivity, failover keeps you connected. Learn three key benefits of Peplink’s SpeedFusion-powered cellular failover technology

Installation of Internet Access by Telerys Communication

Published On 16 September 20

Operation commando!
Installing an express Internet access for the emergency opening of a warehouse of a French leader of the race and express delivery! …


Published On 15 September 20

Admit, you want it all… Unfortunately when it comes to bandwidth on-the-go that’s not often an option. Today Peplink introduces the EPX, the industry’s best performing SD-Wan platform. …

SD WAN: Are you ready to use network alternatives in a disaster scenario?

Published On 14 September 20

Hong Kong-based manufacturer of SD WAN technology Peplink establishes itself as a competitive player in the WAN product range. …

SD WAN and app virtualization fuels the rise of Mixed Use Experience

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The dynamism of teleworking in Chile is a more resolved issue for the one million nine hundred thousand micro-entrepreneurs who use their own facilities to generate income. Of this universe, 47.8% do so formally. This according to figures provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in 2019, which also reveals a trend of migrating from own facilities to public spaces (21%) to improve connection and mobility….

Star of Canal TVMAS, “With friends at home”, recognizes the impact of Peplink SD WAN

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Every Sunday at 10 pm , “Con amigos en Casa” is broadcast on TVMAS screens , the talk show hosted by Angélica Castro and Cristián De La Fuente….

Upgrading to SDX Pro in achieving higher flexibility

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Yesterday we upgraded these Peplink balance 2500 to the new SDXPro for increased flexibility….

Adoption of CAT18 HD7

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Check this out, CAT18 HD7 😉…

Deployment of Peplink HD4 MBX for broadcasting

Published On 10 September 20

Deployed a Peplink HD4 MBX CAT18 in Orlando for a live broadcast cellular backup. Super great group of people. Now I’m on my way to Houston TX to install some CAT18 HD1 Domes on the roof of a municipal building.

SD-WAN and the benefits to businesses

Published On 08 September 20

Typically, business data is transmitted between sites over the MPLS transmission. But with the rapid development of technology today, data files are getting bigger and bigger, requiring transmission lines to be expanded and higher speeds required. If the proposed solution for businesses is to upgrade the MPLS package to meet this amount of data, it will need to invest a large amount of money.