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The installation of VSAT with 4G-LTE solution by applying Peplink routers

Published On 20 October 20

Last week we were invited by Emiel Poulich from Dutch Marine Technology to visit one of the cargo vessels, where they installed a Hybrid solution for data communications. This project consists of 9 vessels in total. …

A Peplink product installation trip assisted by Peter West

Published On 07 October 20

Yesterday I assisted the team installing some equipment in Cocoa Beach FL, today I start a 9 day journey with 4 installs and 2 meetings. …

A quick review of of the previous installation and the team is heading to the next stop

Published On

Okay, last install in Phoenix and SDX Branch install. Its so cool how fast this is working. We use the LTEA to setup the routers offline, then connect to the network and swap the users over. The result is minimal impact and ultra reliability. …

Peplink: How to respond to new scenarios and the need for connectivity?

Published On 28 September 20

The way of doing business has changed dramatically. The challenge for companies is to adapt to the new normal and respond to the general public in real time. It is imperative to resolve business continuity and sustain its connection over time as a fundamental pillar of communications. For this, it is crucial to move the office or point of sale where the customer is. …

Peplink SD-WAN: Would you like to maintain uninterrupted coverage of live events?

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Every second counts. With Peplink , you can combine multiple cellular connections to capture every moment without interruption. …

Peplink SDWAN is tested to be continuously improving

Published On 21 September 20

SDWAN is awesome, Inbound and Outbound Load Balancing is awesome, and for 99% of SMBs that is great. …

Enterprise feature of the Peplink’s products

Published On 18 September 20

Last night we created a new feature in Peplink working with Verizon Wireless. We setup a BGP over GRE-over-IPSec tunnel for private IP routing for mobile devices into Peplink’s infrastructure. …

An upgrade of a medical facility with Peplink SDX router

Published On 17 September 20

Upgraded a medical facility to Peplink SDX routers with its 12.5Gbps stateful throughput and modular expand-ability it is the perfect solution. …

Streaming over Peplink SpeedFusion and Speed Fusion Cloud

Published On 31 August 20

I got my ProRes 4k #JVC#ConnectedCam today, I’m so excited to build out our studio and start playing with streaming over Peplink#speedfusion and their new #speedfusioncloud

CCTV & ANPR : Deploy Cameras where and when you need them

Published On 28 August 20

ANPR has been in common use by the authorities for many years in a strategic way but is now being used by estate management companies and private landowners to great effect as part of their security measures.