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Peplink Cellular Failover: 3 Key Benefits

Published On 16 March 21

When you can’t compromise on connectivity, failover keeps you connected. Learn three key benefits of Peplink’s SpeedFusion-powered cellular failover technology

Which SpeedFusion Solution Do I Need?

Published On 30 October 20

With both traditional and cloud solutions, Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology is extremely versatile. Learn about potential uses and applications.

Interview with Vitel about the advantages of the Peplink SpeedFusion technology for WAN bundling

Published On 25 September 20

Our latest Network Palaver interview about the benefits of Peplink the technology is also available as on Spotify. …

How to Implement SpeedFusion With Drop-In Mode

Published On

SpeedFusion supports Drop-in mode environment. In this network scenario, user would require to communicate the private LAN subet and …

System design service Send picture and sound through the network

Published On 11 September 20

We have equipment for rent or sale that supports the transmission of video and audio signals. Without stranding for example…

Deployment of Peplink HD4 MBX for broadcasting

Published On 10 September 20

Deployed a Peplink HD4 MBX CAT18 in Orlando for a live broadcast cellular backup. Super great group of people. Now I’m on my way to Houston TX to install some CAT18 HD1 Domes on the roof of a municipal building.

Peplink SDX Routers Demonstration

Published On 07 September 20

Check out this Peplink SDX with 8 BR1 LTEA routers for cellular backup to an entire manufacturing facility.

Why use Peplink SpeedFusion to replace IPsec VPN?

Published On 03 September 20

Peplink SpeedFusion establishes multiple VPN tunnels per WAN connection. Using multiple Internet lines at the same time, Peplink SpeedFusion allows you to merge bandwidths and failover when any connection is down. IPsec VPN technology only allows a single tunnel with limited speed and is disconnected when the connection is down.

Peplink SpeedFusion case introduction

Published On

Check out this SpeedFusion case powered by Peplink SDXPro and 8 CAT18 HD1 Domes. So is this an SDx8?

A PoE battery system test done by West Networks

Published On 02 September 20

Testing a PoE battery power system for our next SpeedFusion case