How to Enroll a Device to the MDM server

Published On 24 Nov 2020


Mobile device management (MDM) is used by IT departments to monitor and manage mobile devices within an orgaization (such as a school or a corporation). The following article explains how to enroll iOS devices into your MediaFast router’s MDM server.

To Enroll your iOS device:

1)Go to from the device

2)To install the CA Certificate on the device, click “Install CA Cert” and click “Install”

3)To enroll the device in the Peplink MDM, click “Enroll in Peplink MDM” and click “Install”

Once the device has the CA certificate installed and the MDM enrolled, you will be able to see your device by accessing your MDM admin page (full instructions below), and navigating to Status > Device List.

To Un-enroll your iOS device:

1)Open “Settings” on the device

2)Select “General” > “Profiles”

3)To remove the CA Certificate from the device, select “Peplink MDM CA” and click “Remove”

4)To unenroll the device from the Peplink MDM, select “Peplink MDM Profile” and click “Remove”

Once the device has the CA certificate uninstalled and the MDM unenrolled, you will no longer be able to manage the device from your MDM admin page

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